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The West Cambridge Safety Committee

The committee exists to consider matters relating to safety and health on the West Cambridge site of the University of Cambridge.
For some background on the ideas behind the setup, see the introductory message from Mon, 9 May 2005 15:19:49 and the 2014/04 remit

The next meeting will be on Thursday, 15 November 2014 at 13:00, in the Armourers and Brasiers room of the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy. Agenda will be available nearer the time.

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Membership of the committee

The membership of the group invited to the first 2014 meeting was:

Piete Brooks Computer Laboratory Departmental Safety Officer
Jane Blunt Physics Departmental Safety Officer
Anama Lowday Schofield Centre Schofield Centre Manager
Steve Matthews Facilities Management Support Manager
Will Hudson Safety Office Assistant Director
Peter Hayler Merton Hall Farmhouse Chaplain
Debby Singh Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Departmental Safety Officer
Simon Sports CentreDepartmental Safety Officer
Andrea Office?
John Office?
Jean-Baptiste OfficeStudent Placement
Will Services?
John Chief Technician
Mark of Boilogical Sciences?
Tony Science & Metallurgy?
Jamie Management?
J OfficeSecretary to the Assistant Director

Membership of the previous committee

There were two classes of members (related mailing lists in brackets): those who attended and were involved in discussions (committee), and those who did not attend, but were sent information (interested-parties). The former group consisted of:

Piete Brooks Computer Laboratory Departmental Safety Officer
Jane Blunt Physics Departmental Safety Officer
Andrew Gordon EMBS West Cambridge Site Coordinator
Anton King Physics First Aid Group Leader
Martin Vinnell Biological Sciences School Safety Officer
Chris Lewis Security Deputy Security Adviser
Anama Lowday Schofield Centre Schofield Centre Manager
Neil Wilson BAS Health and Safety Advisor
Rachel Moss Cambridge Enterprise Incubator Manager
Ivor Day Whittle Lab Laboratory Manager
Fred Bryant Whittle Lab Senior Research Fellow
Rebecca Convey Nanosciences Departmental Administrator
Julie Ingham Vet School Assistant Secretary
Martin Whiteland Environment Office University Environmental Officer
Adrian Wonfor Photonics/Engineering Local Safety Officer
Brian Lees EMBS Project Manager for Infrastructure at WC
Peter Kidney Aveva ??
Suzanne Parr Aveva Safety Representative
Mike Panes Schlumberger Facilities Manager
Lindsey Pitcher Accommodation Service Managing the Residential Flats
Steve Matthews University Centre Support Manager
Rick Stacey Intel Operations Manager
Will Hudson Safety Office Assistant Director
Andrew Flewitt CAPE Safety Officer

The latter consisted of

Ruth Jones Microsoft ??
Margaret Nicell Microsoft Business Manager
John Emmines HSD University Building and Construction Safety Adviser
Paul Aslin Astronomy Madingly Rise Site User Committee
Jeanette Parkin BAS FM Co-ordinator

Minutes of the meetings

Minutes of meetings can be made available on paper or by email, and will be available on the web. We also hope to generate a paragraph or two per meeting on items which we think need raising outside the meeting.

  1. 2004/10/28 (pdf, formatted text, flowing text, doc) [Children]
  2. 2005/06/01 (pdf, text, doc) [inaugural]
  3. 2005/11/07 (pdf, text, odt, doc)
  4. 2006/05/22 (pdf, doc)
  5. PROVISIONAL 2006/10/23 (pdf, doc)
  6. DRAFT 2014/05/22 (pdf, doc, txt) Coton_footpath1.jpg Coton_footpath2.jpg Coton_footpath3.jpg Coton_footpath4.jpg

Other Documents

Remit (docx, txt) [2014/05/22]

Road Markings [2005/02/18]

First Aiders (doc) [2006/05/29]

Overview Report on Site Safety Issues at West Cambridge (doc) [2005/12/23] and some clarifications (txt)